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Please note that teachers will be starting to organise SSG's. These meetings give both teachers and parents the opportunity to discuss your child's progress.

School Fees

A reminder was sent out to all families last week regarding outstanding school fees. Currently we are almost half-way through the year and have only collected about 15% of our expected funds. We will be sending out another reminder early in Term 3 in the hopes that more people will pay their fees. This money supports us to deliver es-sential items to all students at our school. Please contact the office if you are having trouble meeting this financial contribution.

Student Arrival at School

A reminder to all families that we do not provide supervision at our school in the morning until 8.30am. We still have a number of students arriving before 8.30am and while we are pleased to have students so eager to get to school, we cannot provide adequate supervision for ay students prior to 8.30am. I appreciate your support with this matter. 

Dates to Remember

O.T. - Paula - Monday - Friday Speech - Lily - Monday - Friday  Chaplain - Rose - Monday & Tuesday  Social Worker - Emma - Monday - Friday Wangaratta Police Liason - Surrey Hunter - Friday 11am-1pm

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