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Our Enrolments

Wangaratta District Specialist School is not a designated neighbourhood school. Enrolments is based on the schools enrolment policy. Students must have a clinically diagnosed Intellectual Disability and a Full-Scale IQ of 70 or below. 


Arrange to visit Wangaratta District Specialist School and make sure it is the right choice for your child.


Arrange an appointment to start enrollment. At this enrolment meeting we will complete a questionnaire about your child's needs.


Please bring reports from your child's pediatrician and your child's therapists (speech, physiotherapist, occupational, etc) to the meeting.

Ensuring students attend school every day is a shared responsibility of all parents/carers, students and the school.


We shall process your enrolment and update you with our final decision
14 days of finalising all documentation.

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