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VPC Agriculture & Horticulture

VPC Agriculture & Horticulture students have been actively engaged in a project focused on raising day-old Isa Brown chickens, with the goal of selling them as laying hens during Term 2. It's been great to witness not only the enthusiasm of the VPC students, but also that of their peers throughout the school who have shown care towards our young chickens. These chicks receive daily weigh-ins and plenty of cuddles, surpassing the typical attention given to chickens. Wangaratta District Specialist School appreciates the continuous support from our local community. Wayne and Adam from Normac have been exceptionally generous in providing their products and ongoing assistance. Kim and Mark from Jessanda Farm Fresh have played a crucial role in developing the project, supplying the chickens, offering ongoing guidance, and dedicating their time and support to this program.


We have currently rehomed all our chickens. However, due to the overwhelming success of this program, we have decided to run it again later this term, raising day-old chickens once more. Please leave a comment below to indicate your interest in future chicks.

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