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Principal's Welcome

Alysha WDSS.jpg

Welcome to Wangaratta District Specialist School, a school of first choice.


Our school's approach to education is based on the belief that our students learn best in a co-operative environment that is inclusive, challenging and allows students the opportunity to develop into independent members of, and valuable contributors to, our society.


Our school’s values are reflected in our motto `Together We Will’.


Our school expectations are “Be Learners, Be Safe, Be Respectful” which are explicitly taught to students each day. Strong and respectful relationships between all members of the school community underpin all that we do.

We look forward to the opportunity to show you what we do, and to welcome you into our school community. 


Alysha, Principal

Our School Leaders

Alysha Jackson Principal.JPG
Alysha Jackson


Phil Witting Learning Specialist .JPG
Phillipa Whitting

Learning Specialist

Elise Aggenbach Assistant Principal.JPG
Elise Aggenbach

Assistant Prinicpal

Frazer Dent Learning Specialist.JPG
Frazer Dent

Learning Specialist

Jacqui Sullivan Assistant Principal.JPG
Jacqui Sullivan

Assistant Principal

Matt Baxter Learning Specialist.JPG
Matt Baxter

Learning Specialist

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