Canteen is available from school almost every Friday.

It is planned, prepared and served by the VCAL students, as part of the Industry and Enterprise component of their Foundation level VCAL certificate.

Meals include a main, desert and drink option, with the price ranging between $1.00 to $4.00 per item.

Here are some reviews from VCAL students...


It’s very good because it is heaps of fun. Good team work good cooking skills I have learned to collect all the ingredients and cook them. - Tom

When we cook we get free food and we help people who don’t get to have hot meals all the time. They pay their money and get a nice hot meal. -

It’s one of the best programs that I have ever done. I learned how to whisk an egg with a fork. I have learned how to separate the yoke from the white, chopping herbs and how to present a meal on a plate. My favourite part canteen is I get to eat the food. -