Wangaratta District Specialist School offers the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning as one of the student pathways available to students in their final two years of school.

VCAL is focused on ‘hands on’, ‘real life’ learning, which enables students to develop the skills necessary to assist them in becoming ‘work ready’.


VCAL is offered at Foundation Level, and is delivered over 2 years. The VCAL Curriculum is divided into 5 strands; Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Development, Work Related Skills and Industry Specific Skills. Students in their 2nd Year of VCAL will also complete Unit 1 or 2 of Outdoor Education.


As part of the VCAL Program, students are involved in VETis (Vocational Education and Training in Schools), where they complete numerous units as part of their;

Certificate I in Information Digital Media and Technology AND

Certificate II in Hospitality.


All students in VCAL are responsible for running the Canteen Program at Wangaratta District Specialist School. This enables the students to apply the skills and knowledge gained through their Hospitality units. Canteen is run on a weekly basis and the students are involved in planning, shopping, preparing, cooking and distributing the food.