Our School

Location Profile


Our school is located in the Rural City of Wangaratta and services the Benalla, Myrtleford, Ovens and King Valleys, Rutherglen, Wahgunyah, and Wangaratta districts. Five buses transport students from within Wangaratta and the many towns in surrounding districts.


More than 55 staff including Principal Class, Teaching, Educational Support and Allied Health staff are passionately committed to working with families, carers, specialists, relevant outside agencies and the local community to ensure students achieve their maximum potential and targeted educational outcomes. Enrolment continues to increase with fervour. The 2018 school year began with 159 students enrolled, a number which has increased throughout the year to 165 at time of writing.


Currently the school is organised as a junior, middle and senior school, with 18 classrooms grouping students based on a variety of criteria, with a view towards helping students achieve short term goals as stepping stones towards a long term post school outcome. Class sizes vary from 5 students to 12 students and are staffed according to the student need in each classroom.


All students have an individual learning plan established in consultation with parents and relevant professionals.  In the last three years of school the focus is on transition to adult programs and this includes work experience, participation in TAFE programs and increased responsibility around the school and community.